The Benefits of Internal Mobility

Short-term Benefits

Having a process or framework for internal mobility portrays a genuine interest in employee growth and supporting them in their effort to accomplish their career goals. Mentioning that there is room for mobility within the organization in the hiring process will make your organization more attractive.

The best internal mobility strategies encourage growth in their employees, such as improving existing skills and developing new ones. This means they will remain engaged with their work and the company, and feel they are working towards their goals.

The most outstanding benefit of internal mobility is that it can make your organization more agile and efficient. Employees can spread laterally, filling potential skill gaps in your organization without the need to spend time and money on hiring someone new. While it may be tempting to acquire more talent, it may be wise to first consider how to utilize and improve existing talent.

Long-term Benefits

Internal mobility can result in career agility, which is an employee’s ability to keep up with changing requirements. This allows an employee to adapt to new roles, environments, demands of an industry or organization, and change in general. It also positions the employee for long-term career success with a skillset and the growth needed to thrive and find satisfaction in their career.

Another benefit is employee retention, which benefits both the business and the employee’s growth. It is important to employees, especially younger talent, that their careers not be stagnant. They may enjoy working for a company, but will leave in a heartbeat if they feel that they have no room for future growth and change. Internal mobility gives them the best of both: working in the same company with familiar people and culture, but with new responsibilities, developing new skills, and seeing a new side of the company. Focusing on employee retention and engagement directly correlates to employee satisfaction and company culture. It also correlates to not losing talent, which is a positive quality in an organization.

In short, internal mobility secures and develops existing talent, which serves to satisfy both the company’s demands and the employee’s needs in the short and long terms. Invest in your talent so they will stay invested in you.